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Local Laws of the 21st Commonwealth Legislature:

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S.L.L. 21-001 HLB 21-3 To amend Saipan Local Law 20-19, Section 2(e) to authorize the Department of Lands and Natural Resources to procure tractors for the Division of Agriculture; and for other purposes. June-04-19
S.L.L. 21-002 HLB 21-1 To appropriate the CIP Bonds Accrued Interest Income collected for the Third Senatorial District in the amount of $195,468.50 June-07-19
S.L.L. 21-003 HLB 21-19, D2 To appropriate funds realized under Public Law 18-30 for the Third Senatorial District; and for other purposes June-07-19
S.L.L. 21-004 HLB 21-22 To re-appropriate the remaining balance of $21,790.00 July-19-19
S.L.L. 21-005 HLB 21-24, D1 To appropriate $1,962,001.00 from revenues collected pursuant to Saipan Local Law 11-2 as amended for Fiscal Year 2019; and for other purposes July-19-19
S.L.L. 21-006 HLB 21-13, D1 To amend the Saipan Zoning Law of 2013, codified as 10 CMC §3511 (Saipan Adult Gaming Machine Business Zoning Consolidation and Concentration July-26-19
S.L.L. 21-008 HLB 21-25 To re-appropriate Precinct IV remaining project fund balances from SLL 17-3, SLL 17-16, SLL 18-18, SLL 18-23, and SLL 19-3 for the Pau Pau Beach Park project set forth in SLL 19-11. September-12-19
S.L.L. 21-009 HLB 21-10, D1 Amend Saipan Zoning Law of 2013 (hospitals as a conditional use in Village Commercial Zoning Dist.) September-18-19
S.L.L. 21-010 HLB 21-28, S1, D6 To appropriate the sum of Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000.00) from the Exclusive Gaming Annual License Fees allotted to the Third Senatorial District October-03-19
S.L.L. 21-011 HLB 21-33 To amend the Saipan Zoning Law of 2013, codified as 10 CMC §3511. December-19-19


T.L.L. 21-008 SLB 21-4 Designation of Authority (Tinian Mayor & Municipal Council Chair October-18-19
T.L.L. 21-001 HLB 21-4, D1 Allotting $225,633.60 pursuant to 4 CMC §2307(b) to the Second Senatorial District; amending TLL 20-15; repealing Sections 1-6 of TLL 20-18; and for other purposes. February-21-19
T.L.L. 21-002 HLB 21-8, D1 Appropriate Poker & Pachinko Machine License Fees (2nd SEN DIST) March-29-19
T.L.L. 21-003  HLB 21-9, D1 To appropriate funds allotted to the Second Senatorial District under PL 18-30 (e-gaming fees), as amended; and for other purposes March-29-19
T.L.L. 21-004 HLB 21-20, S1 Re-appropriating a total of $69K from Tinian Local Ordinance 20-13, and Tinian Local Law 20-15; and for other purposes August-01-19
T.L.L. 21-005 HLB 21-21, D1 Re-appropriating $62K allotted under Tinian Local Law 21-3 for Tinian local programs; appropriate $36,968 allotted to the Second Senatorial District under 4 CMC §1503(a)(6); and for other purposes August-01-19
T.L.L. 21-006 HLB 21-26, D1 To appropriate $92,000 from the local license fees collected for pachinko slot machines and poker machines in the Second Senatorial District; and for other purposes. [LINE ITEM VETOED] September-24-19
T.L.L. 21-007 HLB 21-31 D1 $1M Casino License Fee October-03-19